Traditional Thai Herbal Full Body Massage
Massage using gentle stretching, pressure point therapy, deep tissue  release of muscle tension using hot Thai Herbal Packs to help promote relaxation and a revitalizing feeling of body, mind and spirit.

Deep Tissue and Sport Injury Recovery
Using elbows, knees and feet to work injured areas creating blood flow and flexibility to promote faster recovery and help manage pain and trauma in injured areas

“All of our body work is designed to promote health, relief from stress, 
muscle tension and a feeling of well
being in the body, mind and spirit”

Traditional Thai Massage

1hr. $70.00

1-1/2 hr. $110.00

2hr $140

Thai Oil Massage. (Traditional Thai Massage combined with the use of organic coconut oil)

1hr. $75.00

1-1/2hr. $120.00

2hr $140.00

Swedish Massage

1hr. $75.00

1-1/2hr. $115.00

2hr $140.00

All Body Work comes with hot Thai Herb Compress



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