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We invite the spirit of our Founder, the Father Doctor Shivago,who comes to us through his saintly life.  Please bring to us knowledge of all nature, this mantra, we respect 
your help and pray that through our bodies you will bring wholeness and health to the body of our client.  The Goddess of healing dwells in the heavens high, while mankind stays in the world below.  In thename of the Founder, may the heavens be reflected in the earth below so that this healing medicine may encircle the world.We pray for the one whom we touch, that he/she will be happy and that any illness will be released from him.

We invite you to experience 'bodywork' that will make a difference in your body, mind and spirit. 

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  What's a 'Traditional Thai Massage'

Traditional Thai Massage is a ancient healing art dating back over 2,000 years using stretching, acupressure and compression to relieve painful conditions and to restore balance to body, mind and spirit.  Steamed Thai Herb packs are also used to relax muscles and tendons to provide therapeutic comfort.

Thai massage is often regarded as the ultimate lazy and simple way of obtaining all the benefits of yoga and more without having to do it yourself, it’s great for improving your flexibility and giving your muscles that extra stretch.  The acupressure techniques that are used throughout the massage help to clear through energy blocks held within the body thus restoring  the natural flow of energy and leaving you with a feeling of well being.

Pressing and stretching muscles makes them more receptive to the flow of energy within the body and the techniques used in Thai Massage help to open joints, improve flexibility and joint mobility, it balances your energy levels and also helps to balance the major muscles groups, because you work equality on both sides of the body.

Thai massage can be a purely relaxing massage, but when used therapeutically can release chronic pain and stiffness from the back, neck, shoulders and legs.  It is a sublimely rhythmical workout that perfectly balances the body’s need for movement and stretching, whilst it also provide a relaxed state calming the mind body, dissolving our stress and worries.  Stiffness and loss of flexibility are regarded as an inevitable result of the aging process in the West, but these can be kept at bay with Thai Massage.

Thai Massage is brilliant at relieving stress and the symptoms of stress such as headaches, muscular tension, anxiety and insomnia as it stimulates the circulation of blood and lymph for a healthier body.

When receiving a Thai Massage you are wearing comfortable clothing laying on a mat on the floor.


What people are saying.............

A good friend recommended Ploy as an outstanding Thai massage therapist.  I have not been disappointed.  For the past several weeks, I've visited Ploy to help heal some lower back pain and shoulder/arm pain.  Despite her petite size, Ploy offers a vigorous, powerful yet sensitive massage honed by years of practice.  She is a dedicated and skillful master and knows exactly how to work the body into relaxation. I feel immediate and lasting relief.  So far, after each massage I feel enlivened, relaxed, spacious and pain free throughout my body.  Ploy works very hard during the massage.  She is not a slacker.  From other Yelp reviews I've read, is obviously a gift that she gives to everyone she touches.  Given the high quality of the massage, I also find that the price is extremely reasonable---$85 for 1.5 hours.  Thanks, Ploy.  I'm very happy to write a review for you.  You deserve it 100%.  I so appreciate the gift you give to me and others. Eric S

Completely at a loss for words, trying to share with you how great I feel from your massage work!  This work is not only the best massage I have ever experienced, but I truly feel I am growing spiritually from being in your presence. You are light, truth, and love. A real blessing for me! Thank You so much,  John 

I cannot say enough about Ploy’s Thai Massage. As a person with chronic back pain from an industrial injury, I have been looking for relief for my back for years. After numerous physical therapies, chiropractors, etc. I believe Ploy’s Thai massage has given me the most consistent and longest lasting relief of any of my previous treatments. Moreover, Poi herself is a most sensitive, competent, serene, and nice person to receive treatment from! I highly recommend her to all my friends and family.   Linn T. Lee

As I strive for optimum health and wellness, I have greatly benefited by having Thai massage on a regular basis.  I am able to maintain flexibility and sleep much better having reduced stress.  I've had all types of massage, and I mean it when I say there's nothing that compares to Ploy's Traditional Thai Massage!!!  Cheryl S. Santa Cruz

I have been getting traditional Thai massage with Ploy for almost two years and she is simply the best.  My body and mind always feels wonderful after a treatment from her. She is an incredibly gifted body worker but even more, she is a very kind person with deep integrity. She is a sincere practitioner of mindfulness meditation and transmits her kindness and sensitivity through her hands, feet, elbows, knees, and being. Try it and you will be back for more. Very reasonably priced as well.   Bob Stahl, Ph.D.

'I have experienced hundreds of different types of therapeutic body work
and my two hour Thai massage with Ploy was one of the best massage experiences 
I have ever had'.   Loic Jassy PhD, MFCC

Ploy's massage is by far the best I've had.  The combination of stretching, pressure points
 ploy-room-3and aromatherapy are amazing.  You won't get a better massage in Santa Cruz.  Allen H, attorney Santa Cruz

" We have enjoyed many therapeutic, deeply relaxing, massages with 
Ploy. She is a true "master" of traditional Thai massage. We miss her 
and we're sorry she no longer lives in the Sierra Foothills . Simply 
put, she's the best, and a wonderul person inside and out. Anyone 
within reasonable distance is very lucky indeed. Lynne Dover, CMT, 
and Judge Al Dover retired, Nevada City, CA. "

I'm a massage addict, having tried swedish, deep tissue, shiatus, foot spa, kinesiology, hot stone and the latest fad, foot spa for $25/hr over the past 10 years.  This is the BEST massage of all the types I've tried.  It's also the most affordable.  You guys are so lucky in santa cruz!  
Thai massage is not for the wimpies out there but if you are, just remember my tip, BREATHE through the pain and you'll feel a lot better in a jiffy.  If you've got aches and pain, this is the cure.  Done lying on the floor, fully clothed,  Nan twisted, yanked my body into yoga like-poses, stretching and pulling.  Then she used her elbows and knees to release the stiffness in my hip and back,.... not so unusual right... except that she's sitting on top of my backside!  She also used heat towels (much more comfortable than those hot stones) to loosen the tightness in my back.  Then she followed up by some intense work on my laptop neck.  Yikes it hurt but after that, my range of motion was restored and I could turn my neck around again.
If it's your first time, get the shortest massage for 1 hour for 65.  You can go up to 2 hours.  And unlike the 25 foot places, ploy and nan speak fluent english so spell out your issues before they get started.
Oh yeah, gentlemen, although there might be a beautiful lady working over you, this is strictly NON-SEXUAL.  Don't even think about joking around this topic. 
Surai J Palo Alto 

Considering this is the best massage in Santa Cruz, I'm so utterly shocked that no one has yet yelped this business (I'm most shocked at myself because I  have waited too, too long to write a review).  First, let me explain that over the last 12 years I have seen countless massage therapists, chiropractors and even an acupuncturist in Monterey for residual lower back pain from delivering my son 12 years (yes, YEARS) ago. Just how bad has this pain been? Well, Let's just say that I've begged people to take a baseball bat (I kid you not) to my back because only counter pressure brings relief.  So, when I heard that there was a little, Thai woman new to Santa Cruz, who does crazy things, such as walk on your back- I said, "SIGN ME UP". That was in February.  I kid you not, by seeing her regularly, I was pain free a month later.  For you ladies, who need to read a copy of Dwell or Vanity Fair while you wait, that ain't happenin' here.  The decor is minimal and Thai. But, you will get the best massage of your life and be around a very, kind and grounded person. And who is this woman with the golden hands (and feet)? Her name is Thanyalak, but she goes by "Ploy".  Friends have told me that Thai massage is called the "lazy man's yoga", which is right up my alley. I'm embarassed to say that I've become a stronger and more flexible person due to no hard work of my own, but instead by Ploy's.  There is a lot of pressure and pulling in this type of massage, so those of you into the type of massage more like your cat can do with his little paws when he's content, move along.  Oh, and for those of you shoddy individuals looking for a different kind of good time (read sex)- this ain't the place. Her husband, who works in the same office, does sports and rehabilitative massage. Ohhhh, and FYI he has a black belt in some cool, martial art and has busted out a couple of instructional DVDs... Her studio is across the street from Whole Foods, located off the Red Wing Shoe and Saffron and Genevieve parking lot.  Wear comfortable clothing because you don't need to strip to the skin to get relief; she's capable of doing that right through cotton. Another plus?- The best prices around.Tracy P Santa Cruz

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